Who is AMBAC?

Making It Possible:
Engineering, Manufacturing, Remanufacturing
We are making {very important things} possible.

Our kind of people are the doers - the ones that get their hands dirty. We come home after a hard day's work with sore muscles and a sense of accomplishment. We care, we sacrifice, we innovate, we accelerate. Behind the scenes. To keep the lights on. To keep you fed. To keep you warm. To keep you safe. And from AMBAC employee-owners to our ultimate end customers - we have one thing in common: We are making {very important things} possible.

  • Who We are: AMBAC is a relationship-based manufacturer and remanufacturer of power and fluid components, with a century-long legacy in precision manufacturing/remanufacturing, custom engineering, and superior customer service.
  • What We Do: Engineer and manufacture/ remanufactured critical power and fluid components. We have the ability to produce customized quantities from prototype to small batch production, engineer and manufacture matched components, and provide accuracy down to the micron.
  • For: OEM & Reman Distribution
  • Why AMBAC: Our team of professionals are masters of their craft and deliver an exceptional customer service experience through personalization and relationship building. Our employees are the foundation of our company, and with several generations making AMBAC their second home, knowledge and skills are shared and expanded throughout the organization.

Heavy-Duty Innovation for Over 100 Years

AMBAC International, formerly American Bosch, has been manufacturing Heavy Duty engine components right here in the USA since 1910.

Open Book Leadership

You may not have heard of an "Open Book" Company. At AMBAC we believe that if everyone understands how the business, how we serve our customers and partners, everyone will be more successful. As an employee-owned company, our team members take pride in themselves and the business.

Employee Owned and Operated

'Employee Engagement' or 'Empowerment' are the latest management trends with good reason; engaged teams make companies better on every measure. Employee Owned is the next level.