Reman to Sales to Reman Process


Remanufacturing as a Service:

A turn-key solution for hassle-free remanufacturing. We bring legacy craftsmanship to renew your products, enriching lives and boosting your bottom line. No extra projects. No headaches. Just seamless quality, and profitability.

Problem: Remanufacturing.

Complex and Expensive?

Your company excels at delivering beautiful, cost-effective, high-quality products to your great customers. World class.

Remanufacturing, however, is a different beast. It's fraught with complexities that even the best in your field struggle with. That's where AMBAC comes in, offering the expertise you need.

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Remanufacturing doesn’t have to be hard.

We can help.

You want your remanufacturing process to flow smoothly - in spite of the unique complexities; reverse logistics, requalifying, manufacturing, and value engineering to fully realize the value you expect.


Seamless Integration

Extend your Services

We integrate into your existing operations, making the transition to remanufacturing completely hassle-free. You keep doing what you do best; we handle the rest.

Good Growth

Sustainability Plus Profitability

Green without going in the red. Partnering with AMBAC improves your sustainability and DEI responsibility, while simultaneously improving your product's life cycle and profits.

Full-Scope Solutions

Decades of Experience 

From core to final quality checks, we've got it all covered. You can focus on your core business, knowing AMBAC will manage your reman from A to Z.

High Quality

New or Better

With AMBAC, remanufactured doesn't mean second-rate. Our rigorous quality checks ensure that your products not only meet but often exceed original performance specifications.

Enter the Reman Industry, With A Plan

Take Advantage of our Decades of Reman Experience.



Product Flow in Both Directions


What opportunities are you missing?

Great high intrinsic value products with loyal customers have potential. However, there are hidden risks and opportunities that need to be addressed. Begin with a plan, based on experience.

A process to recreate better products

Remanufacturing is very different from new product Manufacturing. We have decades of experience developing advanced processes to reimangineer - and improve - your products.

Deliver, and Recover, your Products

The raw material, called Core, for reman are products from the field. Core creates value for your current customers and secures the raw material for your newest customers. Reverse distribution networks are complex and can create risk. We do it every day, and there are effective ways to manage bidirectional distribution flow.

Expand your markets, sustainably

Your newly remanufactured products are now ready to be sold through your existing or alternative distribution channels - gaining you entry into markets you may not currently serve.

Complexity Made Easy

Remanufacturing and Reverse Supply is Complex